All Tied Up! A Practical Guide to Buying, Tying, Wearing and Caring for Ties by Mark Davids


This book has been created with the idea to help readers use ties as an accessory that will upgrade their look, be it in either more formal, business, or casual environment. It is not that difficult, but so many men do it wrong!

Following some very simple principles, a tie can save your whole attire. And it can be cheaper option, as even the most expensive tie is cheaper than a new suit.

Tips that you will find in this book are very practical. There is some theory explained, but kept to the bare minimum. The purpose of the advice given is for you to absorb them as quickly as possible and take action.

Table of Contents consists of:

Background on ties

1. Where do ties come from?
2. Why do men wear ties?

Buying ties

3. How to buy a tie that you will love, that will last long, and that you will wear often
4. Beware of cheap ties!
5. Why choose silk ties over other materials?
6. Famous designer ties that you have never heard about!

Wearing ties

7. Skinny tie vs. wide tie – which one to choose?
8. How to match ties to shirts and suits by color, pattern and fabric
9. Color matching for men 101 – how to do it right?
10. How to feel more comfortable wearing ties in summertime
11. What to wear to a job interview?

Caring for ties

12. What you should never ever do with a tie?
13. How to clean ties

Tying ties

14. Tie a tie with confidence! The only 3 tie knots you need to know

Mark Davids knows ties! After wearing them throughout his professional career, in the last year he has been immersed in the interesting and long history of ties, fashion trends, as well as the current market conditions for ties.

After the detailed study and research he co-founded http://www.BestMensTies.Com, a web retailer whose mission is to find the best ties from around the world. All the ties are handpicked and the BestMensTies.Com brand assures that they are of the highest quality!

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