Author of Short Scripts Genevieve Sipperley Interview with @BookGoodies

Author Genevieve Sipperley joins BookGoodies podcast host Deborah Carney to talk about books, writing and current projects.

From Genna:
I was born and raised in Alaska. My town, called North Pole, was pretty small and I spent many nights writing away in my room as I watched snow fall outside my window. When I was younger, I started off writing mostly poetry and short stories. I was first nationally published when I was 16 and my first volume of poetry was published when I was 18. I had some minor success as a poet and short story writer, but after I graduated high school and left home for Chicago, I went to film school and that is when I knew I wanted to make the transition to screenwriting. During film school I studied Motion Picture and Television Screenwriting and I’ve been writing screenplay and scripts full-time ever since. I’ve sold a handful of short scripts and currently have a feature script being optioned.

“Lights, Camera – Wait, What?” is more than just a book of short scripts. There are notes on filmmaking that are ideal for new or independent filmmakers, as well as a quick guide on how to read a script. This book is filled with screenplays to film, scripts to read as short stories, or notes to use as a guide when writing or filming a script. Enjoy all of the different genres, characters, and ideas in this book of collected original short screenplays.

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