Cardboard Quilting and Scrapbooking by Kelsy Hamilton

This no sew craft method combines quilting fabric, scrapbook paper, and scrapbooking supplies It is a quick and economical method of creating fabric crafts and especially seasonal or holiday crafts. The five chapters include: An Introduction to Cardboard Quilting, Scrapbooking for the Newbie, Other Craft Projects to Try, Hints for the Thrifty Crafter, and Quilts and the Underground Railroad.

Targeted Age Group:
preschool to preteen children

Author Bio:
Kelsy Hamilton is a Phi Kappa Phi graduate of Southern Illinois University at Carbondale and holds four teaching certificates. She is a Speech and Language Pathologist (SLP) and a Learning Behavior Specialist for children with special needs. Kelsy is a Certified Scrapbook Instructor to teach classes in a retail or community environment. She is an award winning scrapbook artist and has used Cardboard Quilting techniques in competitive art shows. Cardboard Quilting has been used by Kelsy with her students and when she volunteered at an assisted living facility.

What Inspired You to Write Your Book?
When I work with children as a teacher, it is difficult to find craft projects that are affordable, but also age appropriate. This method holds the interests of preschoolers to preteen children. They can easily follow the instructions and do most of the work independently, as long as some preparation work is completed by the teacher for the younger children. The finished product cannot be washed due to the cardstock, but should last for several years.

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