Annie Howes: Interview With A Work At Home Mom

Welcome to the first episode of Work at Home Moms and Work at Home Dads podcast! I’m your host, Deborah Carney and I was a work at home mom for a whole lotta years. Now my daughter is a work at home mom that homeschools my 12 year old grandson. We have a great lineup of guests, but if you would like to join me on a podcast please fill out the form here.

I’m very pleased that my first guest is a work at home Mom that I watched for years, I dabbled in making jewelry and her name was everywhere it seemed, Annie Howes. She has managed to balance working from home with being a Mom for a number of years, and she is a great interviewee (is that a word?) My podcasts are all discussion style, they are informal and that suited Annie to a tee.
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