Interview with John Salat Tao Art of Flow Author

Author John Salat joins BookGoodies host Deborah Carney to discuss writing, publishing and all things book related. Additional note from Deborah: I have a copy of this book that I am excited to read and review, so keep watching for that review!

What inspired you to write your memoir?
We are really explores of consciousness as finding the right way to dive into this pool stream is the mastery. Everyone must find there own path that authentically resonates with them. For me, my book had generate with what I am passionate, what I teach and what I do as a dream mantra. I picked Tao as theme of my life because Tao translates the organic ways of “Life Path”

Creation is our souls path as writing draws forth our experiences and expressions to say what we get to say unstoppably and contently.

Yet, it is still deeper than that of Tao. My secret to having creative depth and imagination is “Meditation”. From meditation as the primary medium, I write to refine my visions with thoughts.

frontcvrAbout your Book:
Tao Art of Flow book dives into a soul felt journey. It mixes fiction and non-fiction into different chapters using meditation memoirs, spiritual and cultural travels and people into my quest that packages into one solid descriptive package. The book breaks down into unique consecutive parts:

Part 1: The Author’s Journey in Flow, Part 2: Story Preamble, and Part 3: The Immerse Journey (A Short Story Of my Dreaming Life) The information below is just 1/10 the info that is packed in my 95,000 word book into 42 contemplative chapters.
If you want to: • Experience deeper dimensions of a powerful being • Allow your spirit to Flow effortlessly and timelessly • Pleasantly watch miracles pour daily through your life, then Tao art of Flow is for you.

When pioneering human consciousness, we form as social innovators, visionaries and spiritual evolutionist. Whether you’re a coach, C.E.O, teacher or leader, this book profoundly opens fresh insights of laying these new foundations for your life. With this groundwork, the soul can expand having rich deep experiences, instead of letting these idle expressions rest quietly beneath our complex lives. Opportunities will further draw the soul inspirationally to touch life from a whole new world experience.
You will be touching everyday life situations responsibly through exploring a series of distinctions, open inquiries with warm reflective moments. This wisdom profoundly ignites while discovering your ways to hold this conscious path wide open. Through the natural course-ways, the soul begins powerfully to liberate and honor what it really needs. Accepting these magical synchronicities creates more than just meaningful coincidence; it taps intimately with having extraordinary experiences

Author Bio:
We all have a story, yet we are more than any story that defines us.

For example, I am a certified Transformational Leader (CTL), certified Reiki Master (CRM), seasoned Tai Chi and Qi-gong instructor and registered Sidha®. As a teacher of energy medicine and a mastery of Energy Mind/Body flow, I utilize these 30 years of personal experience in bio-energetic healing stemming from living Tao principles.

I could tell you that my classes and workshops on the Living Tao, Tai Chi, Qigong, meditation, communication, and Reiki healing, have been attended by many famous people – including actors, producers, writers, doctors, politicians and some of the leading health practitioners in the country.

Or I could tell you that I am known by many as a Zen architect, and by others due to the national exposure I received through radio, television, and print publications as a creator of meditative music, and other healing creative arts. As a visionary to creativity, so is my mission to influencing the world with fresh insights.

But, if you were to ask me how I might define myself right now in this moment, I would tell you that I am an “Explorer” who has set sail on a lifelong journey to access ancient wisdom. And I would tell you that my passion is to act as a “Guide to the Inner Worlds” for others who wish to explore their own inner territory.

There is an entire world within, right at the tip of your consciousness that is just waiting to gift you its treasures. Life can be much more fulfilling and exciting than most people are led to believe. Just as my gifts have been revealed to me, your gifts will be revealed to you, and to the world, when you awaken to who you truly are.

To deepen your personal exploration, I offer you in igniting your Soul by accessing this vast energy pool and resurrect the magic of your being.

How did you decide how to publish your book and where is it published through:
I choose Outskirts Press. I looked at complete self publishing package to streamline my time and allow delegation to take place for those who do what they do best.

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