Interview with Memoir Author Stacey Thureen

Author Stacey Thureen joins BookGoodies host Deborah Carney to discuss her upcoming memoir. Lots of great information shared about her journey and the process of writing the book.

What inspired you to write your memoir?
In 2011 I was given the opportunity to share publicly about my thyroid journey from diagnosis, to treatment, to acceptance of the condition I now have.

The reason why I’ve decided to write a memoir is because while going through this health scare, my husband and I watched as five family members died within a seventeen month period. And we also went through significant job changes due to the down economy. There was a lot of life lessons learned during this season that I believe many people will be able to relate to, and learn from, as they read this book.

About your Book:
There are seasons in life that are long, painful and really shake us to the very core of our human existence. By the end of that season of hardship, we emerge from the abyss being better off for it. And we see that without that trial we really do not get to experience what it means to truly live.

Five times in seventeen months death came knocking at the door. For this one young woman it included having to do the unthinkable; she buried her grandfather on her own. Grief and loss were common themes throughout this winter faith season. Then an inch size growth was detected on her thyroid. Three days after her thyroid surgery, another family member died.

This is a timely memoir about how severe pain and loss helped one woman come full circle with her childhood, find her purpose, and prepare her to raise up the next generation.

Author Bio:
Stacey Thureen currently works on a variety of communications and media projects for small businesses, non-profits, print media, and production. Previously, she worked in commercial television news and as a communications director for a Boston area non-profit.

While working in news, Stacey was part of a news team that won an Upper Midwest Regional Emmy award for the I-35W Bridge Collapse coverage. She was also part of the same news team that won a National Headliner award, two years in a row, for breaking news coverage.

While working in the non-profit sector, Stacey implemented promotions and public relations strategies that garnered news coverage including the front page of The Boston Sunday Globe.

Growing up in New Jersey, Stacey swam competitively for eleven years. In addition to state and national accolades, she swam collegiately for The University of Iowa Hawkeyes. Stacey graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree, double majoring in English and Communication Studies.

Whether it is writing, producing, or public speaking Stacey enjoys working on projects that teach, inspire, and give perspective and a sense of purpose to others.

In 2011 Stacey did just that when she was given the opportunity to share publicly about her thyroid journey. At the time of her diagnosis, she was freelance producing for a quarterly health and lifestyle television show in Boston. Several tests indicated that there was an inch size growth on the left side of her thyroid, and it needed to be removed. She pitched to the production team that she was willing to have her surgery filmed and do a segment on thyroid health. September of 2011 the TV segment aired on “Better Living with Liz Walker” and it publicly portrayed the diagnosis, treatment, and acceptance of the thyroid autoimmune condition Stacey now has.

Since then, Stacey continues to be an active voice in raising thyroid awareness. She was featured in the January 2012 edition of Empower Magazine “I Get By with a Little Support from My Friends,” and was a live guest on the Boston-based Jordan Rich Radio show. She regularly blogs about her personal experience, writes about thyroid health for, and is a contributing writer for the soon-to-go-live In June 2012, one year after her thyroid surgery, Stacey’s story “A New Voice” was featured on the I am Second website.

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