Paul Reinig Author – Former "Moonie" Interview

Author Paul Reinig joins BookGoodies podcast hosts Deborah Carney and Karen Garcia to talk about his book based on his experience in being a follower of Reverend Sun Myung Moon. In an honest and revealing interview where he talks about his book A Grand And Glorious Adventure: The Saboteur Years.

Lacking self-worth, a few years after high school I joined a religious cult where I spent the next 23 years loathing myself (to say the least). Everything was about completely denying myself in order to focus on “saving the world.” Often my heart was screaming for personal love and attention but I couldn’t listen because of religious dogma. I lived to fulfill my mission (and suffered tremendously in the process). Eventually however, I could no longer continue living that way. In 1998 I finally found the courage to walk away from that lifestyle (and a 16-year arranged marriage).

During the last 14 years I went through tons of healing modalities attempting to deal with a variety of emotions that were (and always had been) wreaking havoc in my life, but with little lasting success. It was only when I realized that no one else can possibly “heal” me that everything changed. I began treating myself with honor, acceptance, respect, and most especially, love and compassion, and discovered that emotions, when they are accepted and feel safe, come into balance.

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