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Author Shel Horowitz joins BookGoodies podcast host Deborah Carney to talk about books, writing and current projects.

“I make the world insist on knowing why you’re special, and I help the world see the value in your values.”

My primary niche is green marketing: braiding together the commonalities between professional communication and personal activism. I’ve been in both the marketing and environmental worlds since the 1970s, and for the last dozen years, have worked to combine them more systematically (though I actually had a few green clients all the way back to the early days).

–> I get especially excited when I get the chance to promote simple, elegant solutions that offer multiple benefits to solve complex problems (for example, not just being greener, but costing less and increasing comfort or durability). When I see people harnessing the “practical visionary” attitudes of people like Amory Lovins or Buckminster Fuller to create a small-space vertical garden for apartment dwellers, neutralize the odor and stain of urine so flushing can be much-reduced, or combine green energy, job creation, and economic development–I want to help!

I work with companies and organizations to:

* Identify what they’re already doing that’s green as well as what else they could be doing to become more green (especially the stuff that costs little or nothing, or has a very quick ROI)
* Create and sharpen messages that actually motivate the green customer
* Find the points of connection with nongreen audiences and show them how the green offering is better quality, lower cost, or otherwise useful–because it’s not enough to preach to the choir
* Explore creative, effective, and inexpensive ways to market the brand and communicate these messages to others: for example:
-Finding and networking with organizations or companies that already reach your target market, and joining forces with them to come in as a trusted partner and ally
-Gaining exposure in traditional media (I personally have been quoted repeatedly in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Entrepreneur, and many other prominent publications)
-Using social media marketing–the RIGHT ways
-Selling by educating, collaborating, and especially LISTENING

I do this through several different platforms:
* As a strategic marketing consultant and copywriter, working individually with businesses, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and grassroots organizations
* As the bestselling and multiple award-winning author of eight books (most recently, Guerrilla Marketing Goes Green, published by Wiley)
* In my internationally syndicated monthly column, Green And Profitable
* And as an international speaker.

My other niche is turning unpublished writers into well-published authors, and then helping them market their books once they’re done. Whether you need to find a traditional publisher or become your own publisher, I will help your book see the light of day in the best possible form, and help you get the word out about it.

Several of my clients’ books have won awards, and I take special joy in shepherding a book through the process of getting written, edited, and designed to be a work that any publisher would be proud of (and at the same time, saving the world from books that weren’t ready as they were first presented to me).

Finally, as an activist, I can claim a number of victories, including saving a mountain close to my house…getting the first nonsmokers’ rights regulations passed in Northampton, Massachusetts…helping to make nuclear power a nonstarter for three decades…and in some small ways, helping to create a climate that fosters a positive relationship with the earth, ethical behavior in business, and an economy rooted in local community self-sufficiency.

Passionate About
Social change, environmental justice, protecting the planet, the power of great ideas, and having fun throughout the whole thing

Idea Worth Spreading
Running an eco-friendly and ethical business based on helping your clients/customers meet needs, achieve goals, and.or solve problems can be a powerful recipe for business success.

Talk to Me About
1. Social change through mainstream channels involves showing others their self-interest in improving the world.

2. Deep-seated change can be less work than marginal improvements, so think big!

People Don’t Know That I’m Good At
Cooking delicious vegetarian meals…finding unusual ways to see a new place…saving money on the fun things that make life worth living

My TED Story
I discovered TED talks online about six or seven years ago, and have been deeply moved by the best presenters’ ability to push for the same types of simple, elegant solutions to complex problems that I mentioned above.I would love to be a TED speaker, and have applied to talk at some of the TEDx events. I’m deeply grateful for so much shared wisdom and would love to be a part of it (and to find a way that politicians around the world could get TED talks as part of their orientation, because most fo them think far too small).

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