The 7 Day Declutter Bootcamp by Vanessa Johnson

Declutter! The 7 Day Declutter Bootcamp: Minimalist Stratgies to Organize, Simplify and Declutter Your Home and Life

In this book, International Bestselling Author and Home Organization Goddess teaches you everything you need to know, including:

The Top Clutter-Busting Tips
How to Prioritize a Room and Plan Your Attack
Which Are the Clutter Hot-spots and How to Defuse Them
How to Involve the Whole Family and Tackle it Together
The Most Common Organizational Mistakes (and how to avoid them)
What Needs to Happen After Clearing the Clutter to Make Sure it Never Comes Back
Which are the Most (and least) Effective Storage Solutions for Each Room

Vanessa Johnson

In addition to being an internationally acclaimed author, Vanessa Johnson is a mother to two great, rambunctious children, a Staffordshire terrier, a hamster and last, but not least a loving husband of 11 years.

In her spare time, she enjoys attending ideal home shows, gardening and practicing Bikram yoga.
Vanessa’s no-nonsense approach to home organization and management has been praised by many and shows through in her style and layout.

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