Small Gifts for Greeting Cards by D. R. Humphrey

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Small-Gifts-for-Greeting-CardsSick of mailing packages that cost as much, if not more, than the gift inside?
Mailing gifts doesn’t have to be expensive! Don’t make anymore trips to the post office balancing over-sized boxes!

These days, the shipping of a gift often costs more than the gift itself. You may find yourself switching to gift cards and gift certificates simply to save on shipping costs. However, like many, including myself, you might also dislike the impersonal nature of a gift card or gift certificate.

Did you know there are many greeting card sized gifts that will be both used and appreciated, even if you’re on a tight budget?

This handy guide has all the best ideas gathered in one place, including gifts for Men, Women, Teen boys, Teen Girls, Young Boys, Young Girls, Toddlers and Infants, Pets, Co-Workers, Couples and even Gag and Novelty gifts for that funny occasion. It also includes a few popular hobbies and interests to give you additional ideas.

There’s no crafting expertise required and this guide is budget friendly, gift giving made easy… find the ideal gift for the special people in your life, whether it’s Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day… without breaking your back or your bank!

D. R. Humphrey resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, alongside her husband and two doggies. She specializes in DIY Crafting and Gifting, which require only minimal crafting skills, tools and budget. She’s a thrift store junky addicted to dollar and discount shopping, with a belief that gift giving on a tight budget doesn’t have to suck.

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