Declutter Your Home Fast. Complete Guide to Organizing Your House

Learn the best methods for decluttering your home and keeping it that way.

Declutter Your Home Fast by Julia Green is a practical step-by-step guide to develop efficient methods to declutter your home and keep it clean without feeling overwhelmed.

Besides a detailed plan, it includes a quick-guide that you can easily follow to declutter faster.

If you want your home to have an organized flow, where you can instantly find what you are looking for (keys, receipts, tax records, your passport, an old photo, etc.) and the surfaces are clean and empty, this book is for you.

Don’t feel overwhelmed anymore.

Julia Green.

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Homemade Body Scrub Recipes: Amazing Body Scrub Recipes That Will Leave You Looking And Feeling Great by Tomass Sarts

Body ScrubsHave you ever wanted to have an amazing body scrub treatment that you recieve in a spa without paying all the expensive fees? Well, you can have that by making your own natural body scrubs out of basic natural ingredients. All that you need is some salt or sugar, some body oil and a warm bath!

In Homemade Body Scrub Recipes eBook you will discover:

What are body scrubs and what are the health benefits that they bring

Find out what body scrubs really are, what’s the history behind them, and what health benefits they bring.

How body scrubs are made and used

Learn about the basic principals of how body scrubs are made – what they consist of and how they are mixed. And also find out how they are used.

A variety of amazing body scrub recipes

Recieve a wide variety of wonderful body scrub recipes

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The 7 Day Declutter Bootcamp by Vanessa Johnson

Declutter! The 7 Day Declutter Bootcamp: Minimalist Stratgies to Organize, Simplify and Declutter Your Home and Life

In this book, International Bestselling Author and Home Organization Goddess teaches you everything you need to know, including:

The Top Clutter-Busting Tips
How to Prioritize a Room and Plan Your Attack
Which Are the Clutter Hot-spots and How to Defuse Them
How to Involve the Whole Family and Tackle it Together
The Most Common Organizational Mistakes (and how to avoid them)
What Needs to Happen After Clearing the Clutter to Make Sure it Never Comes Back
Which are the Most (and least) Effective Storage Solutions for Each Room

Vanessa Johnson

In addition to being an internationally acclaimed author, Vanessa Johnson is a mother to two great, rambunctious children, a Staffordshire terrier, a hamster and last, but not least a loving husband of 11 years.

In her spare time, she enjoys attending ideal home shows, gardening and practicing Bikram yoga.
Vanessa’s no-nonsense approach to home organization and management has been praised by many and shows through in her style and layout.

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How to Become an Expert Home Brewer in a Weekend by Pablo Maiorino

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Amazon-Kindle-Ebook-CoverThis book is a beginners guide to Home Brewing of Beer. It will lead the novice home brewer down the correct path to becoming an expert home brewer using 10 easy to follow steps. If you have ever wanted to try your hand at making your own beer at home, then this is the book you need to get you started.

Pablo Maiorino is an IT professional by trade, but has several hobbies that he likes to write about, among them, home brewing (of beer) and cooking. Born in Argentina in 1959, he came to the United States at the tender age of four years old. He grew up in northern New Jersey in the New York metropolitan area. A veteran of the United States Air Force Reserve, Pablo Maiorino served during Operation Desert Storm as a Flight Engineer with the 335th Military Airlift Squadron and retired from the Air Force in the year 2000. Pablo’s experiences with cooking in his dorm room in the military grew into a love of creating great meals at home for his friends and family. Similarly, brewing of beer came about as an experiment in creating something new and delicious. Pablo currently lives in southern New Jersey and works as the Manager of Information Technologies for the Fine Dining and Hospitality industry and continues to create great meals and beers for his friends and family. Pablo’s current book, available on Amazon Kindle, is “How to Become an Expert Home Brewer in a Weekend”

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Growing Roses – Everything You Need to Know and More


Growing Roses, Everything You Want to Know and More is the perfect choice for the novice rose grower.

It provides step-by-step instructions for every phase of the rose-growing process – from choosing the right roses, to planting the roses, and finally – how to care for your roses over time. Paying attention to each step will ensure a successful experience and help you grow magnificent roses in your yard for years to come.

Contents Include:
• Types of roses and how to choose the right roses
• When to plant roses
• How to plant roses
• How to water, fertilize and prune roses
• Common diseases of rose plants and how to prevent them
• Caring for your roses
• Growing roses organically
• And much more . . .

This is a book that you will want to keep handy for quick reference to answer questions about growing roses and their care and keeping.

My mother blessed me with a great passion for nature, particularly flowers. We lived in Southern Arizona with intensely hot summers and no sprinkler system, yet my mother was determined to have flowers around us. Rather than a flower garden, she choose to grow her flowers in pots, particularly the hardy geranium, which she gently cared for day-after-day. Under her care, they flourished.

As a young married woman living in California, a more temperate climate, I began to surround my own home with flowers – agapanthus, impatiens, primroses, bougainvillea, sweet alyssum, etc. Digging in the dirt and watching the flowers bloom gave me a special kind of pleasure.

Even though I loved roses, I always thought they would be far too difficult to grow, so I never tried. Finally a few years ago, I took the plunge and have never looked back. My yard is now filled with roses.

My first book, Growing Roses, Everything You Need to Know, and More . . . is my way of sharing with you what I learned from my experience. The main lesson is, that growing roses is not difficult.

I hope that you will give yourself the gift of a rose garden, which can be nothing more than a single bush that will give you pleasure day-after-day, as my mother’s potted plants gave her.
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Kittens on a Fence Kindle Cover Crochet Pattern by Katherine Hupp

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Crochet pattern for Kittens on a Fence Kindle Cover includes guides for a cover to fit all size Kindles EXCEPT Kindle HD 8.9. Also fits NOOK, Kobo and Sony Pocket and Touch e-readers. Skill level is EASY.

Two type of closures are included in the book, one with a flap and button, and one with an elastic band and button. It’s a great project for using up leftover yarn.

Katherine Hupp was born and raised in West Virginia. She continues to reside in the rolling foothills of the Appalachian Mountains with her husband of 34 years. The couple has one fine son and two terrific grandsons.

Katherine enjoys the country life and loves animals. She spends much of her time cooking, gardening, and canning and preserving fresh fruits and vegetables.

Among her many interests are reading, writing, crocheting, beading, stained glass and woodworking.

Katherine is the author of Perfect Pie and Pastry Recipes: Homemade Dessert Pies Made Easy Cookbook, Waffle Recipes: Wonderful Waffles and Syrups Cookbook, 50 Appetizing Muffin Recipes with Nutritional Information, Satisfying Slow Cooker Recipes: Meals Your Family Will Want To Come Home To, and the co-author of Names for Cats and Kittens: More Than 2000 Names for Male and Female Felines.

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Simply Fleece by Bonnie Scott

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webantix_7No sew and sew fleece projects to make in an hour or an evening.

Over 30 quick fleece projects and crafts to make. With both no sewing and sewing fleece patterns, you’ll find apparel and accessory ideas for everyone in the family in Simply Fleece.

From outerwear for all ages, clothing and home fashions to comfortable accessories for your pets and gifts for all occasions, this book of easy patterns is perfect for everyone from novice sewer to professional seamstress.

Bonnie Scott began her writing career in college as a Journalism/CIS Major. After becoming a successful independent web designer, she still felt the desire to write and has now authored a series of Easy Recipe books, among others. She also writes regularly for various websites.

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Handcrafted Jewelry Photo Gallery


Handcrafted Jewelry Photo Gallery is a collection of photos of my cast and/or fabricated original jewelry designs in 14k yellow gold or sterling silver between the years 1975 and 2012. Some of the pieces won awards in juried competitions; some of them were published as step by steps in various international trade magazines: Jewelry Artist, Wire Jewelry, Step-by-Step Jewelry, Lapidary Journal….

Over the years, Joyce’s jewelry work has been included in juried gallery shows throughout Arizona and in California, sometimes winning 1st or 2nd place in these competitions. She was active for several years in the Arizona Designer Craftsmen organization and in 2005, served as their Exhibition Chairperson.

Her first step-by-step article, published in the January 1980 issue of Lapidary Journal Gem Cutting Magazine, consisted of original gem cutting instructions for a 3.2 carat citrine. Since then, Joyce has had numerous step-by-step articles of her original jewelry designs published in various international magazines including Jewelry Artist, Step-By-Step Beads, Wire Jewelry, Jewelry Arts & Lapidary Journal just to name a few.

She is currently an active member of Arizona Quilters Guild and has exhibited her bargello wall hangings in their yearly exhibition.

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Small Gifts for Greeting Cards by D. R. Humphrey

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Small-Gifts-for-Greeting-CardsSick of mailing packages that cost as much, if not more, than the gift inside?
Mailing gifts doesn’t have to be expensive! Don’t make anymore trips to the post office balancing over-sized boxes!

These days, the shipping of a gift often costs more than the gift itself. You may find yourself switching to gift cards and gift certificates simply to save on shipping costs. However, like many, including myself, you might also dislike the impersonal nature of a gift card or gift certificate.

Did you know there are many greeting card sized gifts that will be both used and appreciated, even if you’re on a tight budget?

This handy guide has all the best ideas gathered in one place, including gifts for Men, Women, Teen boys, Teen Girls, Young Boys, Young Girls, Toddlers and Infants, Pets, Co-Workers, Couples and even Gag and Novelty gifts for that funny occasion. It also includes a few popular hobbies and interests to give you additional ideas.

There’s no crafting expertise required and this guide is budget friendly, gift giving made easy… find the ideal gift for the special people in your life, whether it’s Christmas, Birthdays, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day… without breaking your back or your bank!

D. R. Humphrey resides in Salt Lake City, Utah, alongside her husband and two doggies. She specializes in DIY Crafting and Gifting, which require only minimal crafting skills, tools and budget. She’s a thrift store junky addicted to dollar and discount shopping, with a belief that gift giving on a tight budget doesn’t have to suck.

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Planet Pouch: Simple Juice Pouch Bags Anyone Can Make by Brooks Jones

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Wondering how you can help celebrate Earth Day this year? Turn those juice pouches your kids drink into something useful, and keep ’em out of the landfill! Learn how to sew three durable, colorful totes you can use to carry everything from beach towels to school supplies to tomorrow’s lunch. Detailed, step-by-step instructions and clear color photographs ensure your success. Upcycle those old juice pouches with style!

Brooks Jones has been an obsessive crafter for as long as she can remember, and has a basement stuffed with materials for future projects. She has several knitting patterns available on Ravelry, and one of her dishcloth designs was featured in Mason-Dixon Knitting by Kay Gardiner and Ann Shayne. Brooks is also the author and illustrator of I Don’t Like Pink, a children’s picture book available for the iPad and iPhone by PicPocket Books. She is a graduate of the College of Design at North Carolina State University and has two decades of experience in graphic design, marketing and advertising. She is currently working on the Master of Arts in Teaching degree at Salem College.

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